The young women you can support come from a number of backgrounds, neighbourhoods and lifestyles, but share similar stories of pain, fear, abuse, generational trauma and mental health problems.

At Sancta Maria House, at-risk young women find a dedicated and diverse staff providing emotional support, understanding, healing, and acceptance in a caring home and then in the wider community.

Our young women receive access to psychologists, counsellors, therapists, psychiatrists, and social workers to help re-build their mental health. With the support of our dedicated staff, the young women are mentored and tutored through the education system. Through regular visits to doctors, dentists, nutritionists, yoga instructors, and access to recreation facilities, the young women of Sancta Maria House are encouraged to maintain their physical health.

Sancta Maria House is a Catholic Charities Agency and is licensed by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.





Our Purpose

Sancta Maria House is an agency that provides residential care and after care services within a Christian environment. We respect and promote an understanding and acceptance of difference.

Sancta Maria House strives to make a positive difference in lives that are in crisis due to: family conflict; physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse; and trauma due to cultural adjustment.

Our Values

Sancta Maria House Values:

  • The Sanctity of Life
  • The Strength and Importance of Family
  • Religious, Cultural and Individual Diversity