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Our Annual Fundraiser is Back!

You are cordially invited to attend Sancta Maria House’s FUNDRAISER DINNER and LIVE PERFORMANCE with Spanish guitarist Jose Vega. on Friday, April 20, 2018 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. at FANTASY FARMS 50 Pottery Road, Toronto Price:  $55.00 For tickets:  Sonia.smh@rogers.com or smhtoronto.eventbrite.com Awards of Recognition for long time support:  Pat Bingham, Mary Ellen Carrie, Fr. Fritz All RSVPs by April […]

Open House: A Success!

On September 25th, Sancta Maria House proudly welcomed dear friends, old and new, to an OPEN HOUSE TRIBUTE to 55 years of milestones and personal successes. Many dropped by to reconnect  with and make new acquaintances while sharing in the joy of our home, sampling scrumptious refreshments, and taking a chance to win an exciting […]

On suicide watch, Margarita finds happiness again

Margarita was born in Canada and for a while lived with her mom, step-dad, sister and brother. Her mom was a roller coaster — she was on top of the world and then terribly depressed. When Margarita was nine, her mother’s mood swings were diagnosed as bi-polar disorder. Margarita had a good relationship with her step-dad, but her mom’s behaviour […]

Newcomer and abused, Sandra find stability and a new beginning

Sandra was born in Nigeria and raised by her mom until she passed away when Sandra was seven. Then Sandra’s grandmother looked after her until she was 12-years old. When most kids are getting ready for their final year of middle school and trying to figure out who they are in relation to their peers, Sandra moved across the […]

Julie loses everything and finds a new family

All Julie remembers of that night was the sounds of sirens filling the night sky and people taking her away. Her life, at the formative age of 11, changed forever the night her mother died in the bed next to her. “After that awful night, things only got worse for me,” says Julie. Julie bounced […]

Searching for two years Marah finds a way home

Marah didn’t get along with her mom. She never knew who her dad was. Fed up with life at home at the confusing age of 14, she ran away from her Calgary home where she lived with her grandmother and mother “I lived on the streets of Calgary for a while until I decided to […]