Your Rights

As a youth living in a residential group home you and your parent/guardian if involved must be informed of your rights frequently throughout your stay.

While you are in the care at Sancta Maria House you have a right:

  • To be treated with dignity and respect
  • To be treated without discrimination
  • To a safe and secure environment
  • To know the rules of the house
  • To know your legal rights
  • To know your responsibilities
  • To know there is an Office of Child and Family Services Advocacy
  • To know how to express a complaint
  • To not be locked up in a room
  • To not be physically punished
  • To have reasonable privacy, confidentiality and possession of your own belongings
  • To take part in your plan of care
  • To receive religious instruction and to take part in religious activities
  • To receive inclusive services that are non-discriminatory based on religion, sexuality or culture
  • To be provided with well balanced meals and suitable clothing
  • To receive necessary medical and dental care
  • To receive an education and take part in appropriate recreational activities
  • To private visits from your family, lawyer, MP, MPP, Ombudsman, member of the Office of Child and Family Services Advocacy or any other adult who is speaking on your behalf
  • To send and receive mail that nobody else may read (unless in front of you)
  • To express your views when major decisions are being made that affect you (ex. medical treatment, change of residence etc.)
  • To have staff thoroughly explain all my rights outlined in the Cultural Competency, Cultural and Geographical Isolation Policy

While you are in the care of Sancta Maria House you have the responsibility:

  • To know and follow the rules of the residence
  • To respect the rights of staff members and volunteers who are caring for you
  • To respect the rights of the other girls with whom you live
  • To respect the right of our neighbours and other persons in the community
  • To address any concerns, you have in an appropriate manner
  • To take part in programs and activities which the staff have set up for you
  • To take seriously the safety of the girls and staff at Sancta Maria House
  • To accept the consequences of your own actions and take ownership for your behaviour

General Contact Information

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