Julie loses everything and finds a new family

All Julie remembers of that night was the sounds of sirens filling the night sky and people taking her away. Her life, at the formative age of 11, changed forever the night her mother died in the bed next to her.

“After that awful night, things only got worse for me,” says Julie.

Julie bounced around a number of foster homes – never finding a place to call home, never finding the love that was lost.

Eventually, her dad re-entered her life, only to bail shortly there after and send her back to foster care, because he “couldn’t handle it,” says Julie.

Again when she was 14-years old, her father came into her life to “give it another shot,” says Julie. Unfortunately, the suffering continued. She experienced a year of abuse from her new step mom, who resented having her in the house.

Social worker intervenes to end the rollercoaster

“Luckily I had a great social worker at school and she got me into Sancta Maria House – I lived there for over a year and in that time I was able to focus on school and getting my grades up,” says Julie.

Julie had her own room and made some new friends, but it was hard a first getting used to new people, rules and housemates.

“Somewhere along the way I became part of the family,” says Julie.

The staff was always available to talk and even though they were not her parents, they helped her “through thick and thin,” says Julie.

Eventually she graduated from Sancta Maria House to Quinn House and was able to put her life skills into practice, while the care continued. The staff from Sancta Maria House “still check on me and make sure I am ok,” says Julie.

“Just saying ‘thank you’ is not enough,” says Julie.

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