Open House: A Success!

On September 25th, Sancta Maria House proudly welcomed dear friends, old and new, to an OPEN HOUSE TRIBUTE to 55 years of milestones and personal successes.

Many dropped by to reconnect  with and make new acquaintances while sharing in the joy of our home, sampling scrumptious refreshments, and taking a chance to win an exciting raffle basket filled with some wonderful donated gifts.   The proceeds from the sale of raffle tickets went towards the Nurturing Bodies & Nurturing Minds=Nurturing Lives program for educational and life skills training and the purchasing of nutritional food for  our residents.

Thank you to those who attended and to those who supported our event:

  • Lula Lounge
  • Second Cup
  • Southern Accent Restaurant
  • Noah’s Health Store
  • Bed, Bath, and Beyond
  • Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema
  • Loblaws Dupont and Christie
  • JAZZ.FM 91
  • Future Bakery
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