Searching for two years Marah finds a way home

Marah didn’t get along with her mom. She never knew who her dad was. Fed up with life at home at the confusing age of 14, she ran away from her Calgary home where she lived with her grandmother and mother

“I lived on the streets of Calgary for a while until I decided to come to Toronto – I managed to hitchhike my way to Toronto,” says Marah.

She lived with a cousin for a while until things fell apart and she got kicked out. Marah heard about Sancta Maria House through a youth shelter and decided to give it a try.

They never gave up on me

After being homeless for two years, she moved into Sancta Maria House residency.

“I was not happy at first because I hated the rules and structure; I was rude to the staff, but they never gave up on me,” says Marah.

She said the staff was always kind, even though she hurled mean and terrible words at them. Soon, she was able to get back into a school and get some credits towards her diploma.

She found a warm, safe bed and home cooked meals.

“Christmas was the jackpot! It was the best Christmas ever,” says Marah.

Find home again

During her time at Sancta Maria House, Marah was encouraged to work on her relationship with her mom. She was given five dollars a week for a phone card to call her and chat. At the end of her stay at Sancta Maria House, she decided to move back to Calgary and continue “working on my relationship with my mother and grandmother,” says Marah.

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